Pressure pumps for cleaning Annovi AC Cleaner

Pressure pumps for cleaning Annovi AC Cleaner

Annovi AC Cleaner Cleaner for professional cleaning pressure pump pump Annovi AC Cleaner Pressure Cleaning Products manufactured and imported from Italy Annovi AC Cleaner is a pump pressure for cleaning jobs such as clearing the air by injecting dust. Or lichen stains on the window and door frame. Or cleaning the house

Pressure pumps for cleaning Annovi AC Cleaner

Pressure Annovi AC Cleaner is designed to give moderate surface damage of honeycomb air. The pump is designed to be lightweight. Moving easily with just one hand The equipment available anywhere. Can be connected to the faucet, the faucet in the house or yard box filled with water. (Include in the kit) is available in either narrow. Short of using a water pistol. Or open space The core of the long gun.

Annovi AC Cleaner is ideal for applications that require ease. And maximum power saving The Auto Stop the motor pump is a kind of pump pressure will continue working on a water injection only. (Copyright of ANNOVI – this system will work perfectly when the switch on the water pump. And to switch off the pump to keep the water pressure.

Annovi AC Cleaner Specifications

Model Flow Rate Pressure Water Temp Power Electric Weight
lt/hr GPH bar psi °C kw V/Hz kg
AC Cleaner 210 55 35 508 50° 0.4 220/50 9.5




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